Creativity, innovation, design culture are the key words to understand the philosophy of Infiniti, the young brand (as created in 2008) today at full throttle, which offers home accessories designed to work, share, relax, welcome. The cosmopolitan spirit of the brand is thus expressed through one single mission: to offer objects that belong to the daily lives of everyone, wherever they live. Without boundaries, the world of Infiniti moves from Barcelona to New York, London to Tokyo, from Berlin to Venice. And it never stops. in fact, the inspiration behind Infiniti concept is made of dynamic values, young and vital: energy, as a set of forms and colors expressing a contemporary rhythm of life, giving vitality and joy to living places; dynamism, typical of a mindset ready to surprise and change; style, which is found in the cult of innovative details and combinations of materials and colors; creativity, or the desire to be daring, surprising, fun.

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