Pil Bredahl

PIL BREDAHL is one of the young up-and-coming Scandinavian designers eager to be part of the next golden age of Scandinavian design. As an award-winning Danish designer, Pil Bredah'ls work has been exhibited at leading international museums and her OTO100 for Muuto is part of the permanent collection at the Danish Design Centre. PIL BREDAHL ON HER DESIGN PHILOSOPHY I would like my design to possess a built-in visual logic, and at the same time contain surprising and humorous aspects. My love for designing and deep interest in the end-user is to me essential elements in my quest to create present, accessible and innovative design. PIL BREDAHL ON NEW NORDIC DESIGN The 'old mentors' paved the way for the breakthrough of Scandinavian design. But I see a growing talent pool in Scandinavia, who adds new dimensions and wishes, in the same consequent and poetic way, to create the next generation of classics.

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