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SØREN ROSE started Soren Rose Studio in 2008. As an important part of the Danish design scene, he is a permanent jury member in the annual Danish design award. Søren Rose’s designs are characterized by strong personality and attention to detail and quality. Søren Rose has offices in Copenhagen and New York. SØREN ROSE ON HIS DESIGN PHILOSOPHY It’s all about the detail and quality. This way the products will live past our times and become a feeling and a statement rather than a brief trend. A Soren Rose product has a strong personality, it is satisfying and relevant. SØREN ROSE ON NEW NORDIC The result of a Nordic life with all 4 seasons is a seasonal culture with both extrovert and introvert periods. The dark and long winter leaves us inside our homes for a great amount of time whereas the short but intense summer makes us spend as much time outside as possible. It all leaves us with high expectations to ALL our surrounding products. Our homes must reflect our personality and we take pride in welcoming people in our personality castles. A Nordic product can look rather fragile and elegant on the outside but at a closer look it is rough as hell. It's all in the detail!

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