WIS Design

WIS Design is Lisa Widén and Anna Irinarchos, two young designers who offer fresh contemporary design in several mediums: furniture, product, interior and graphic. With a poetic and playful approach, they challenge and enrich the ideas of industrial design. Several of their products combine traditional shapes with new functions, creating a unique contemporary look. WIS Design’s aim is to bring wisdom and poetry to the every day objects that surround us. Lisa and Anna graduated from Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm 2006 with a BA in art and design. Together they started their career with WIS Design and are now one of Sweden’s most popular newcomers in product design. They have received several awards and grants for their innovative design. WIS’s office and showroom is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Lisa was born in Linköping, Sweden, 1978 and Anna was born in Stockholm, Sweden, 1979.

Products by WIS Design

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