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Elegant, cosy or surprising? Jenny takes design cues from Scandinavia with delicate proportions and minimalism. Yet it offers everything you could wish for in the comfort department. It just does things, well, differently, and delightfully so. So what’s your choice: Elegant, cosy or surprising? We’ll put our money on a combination of all three.

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Dimensions: Available in the following sizes: L175 x D97 x H46/84CM; L215 x D97 x H46/84CM; L-shape: L250 x D97/152 x H46/84CM; L310 x D97/152 x H46/84CM Materials: Fabric Designer: Ian Archer Enquiry: In Stock: 3 seater sofa- Light Beige/ Bleached Oak Legs. For enquiries on this product, email us at