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The idea of ​​the cage traces the tradition of the canary's past in the houses: from the Egyptian civilizations and the Roman times, its presence was found in homes; in the Middle Ages and in English courts it is a sign of politeness to have them in the living rooms. Thus, an icon of the British high-ranking status turns into a lamp-object. A symbolic figure, embellished with gold plating and useful for its illuminating function. The birds are made of ceramic, decorated by hand, painted black or plated with 24 carat gold; the structure in black or gold plated metal rod. The LED luminaire is in the base of the cage, covered by a double polycarbonate shield, which on one side illuminates the environment, on the other the inside of the cage.

Jakes Phipps
Dimensions: Ø41cm x H46cm Ø41cm x H56cm Materials: Metal

Jakes Phipps