The new Spring/Summer 2017 collection went back in time to unite the contemporary expression of ferm LIVING with a glimpse of bygone eras.

When first envisaging our new Spring/Summer 2017 collection, we had to travel back in time for inspiration. And we found just what we were looking for in the atmosphere of French salons in the decadent days. From this scenery, the SS17 collection enters the stage as a mélange of bold contours and tranquil textures. Our dreams of the splendorous salons merged with our Nordic roots and from this blend, ensembles of charismatic designs come to life. The decadent glimpses appear in rich nuances and create new liaisons between modesty and extravagance.

This season the focus is on soft textures of an entirely new line of bedding, mirrors with antique effects and cushions made from an eclectic bouquet of fashion textiles.

We wanted to explore new textures and ways of creating textiles that stand out and give you something extra. The result is durable and lovely materials that age beautifully. The Hush bedding series of soft, organic cotton with designs for the entire family will only become nicer the more you use it. Duvet covers and pillowcases in different dim colours encourage mixing patterns and colours.     

Uniting past and present sculptural furniture and accessories cast shadows in a simple interior. The Coupled Candleholder and tray integrate the vibrancy of refracted lights and creates a play of light and silhouette, allowing for sophisticated arrangements to transpire.

Splendour is imminent this season, and the new Salon Cushions take it all the way. By using delectable fashion fabrics, we discovered that certain je ne sais quio we sometimes long for. The cushions offer a beautiful splash of colour and a glamour zephyr in your modest abode.

To celebrate it all, we bring out our new Ripple Champagne Saucers sparkling in step with the glitter of the Salon Cushions while adding a contemporary dynamic to the scene.