Exquisite Selection of 10 Minimalistic Furniture

Minimalism in design has become increasingly popular because interior in this style is very clean and free. There are multiple benefits a minimalistic style may bring about. By simply choosing the right colours, your apartment may seem bright and airy, and even bigger than they actually are. It caters to a simpler and more carefree lifestyle. Buying high quality furniture that are durable and timeless also helps you to save the money and hassle from having to buy another one again.
Do you value this combination of simplicity, sophistication, beauty and practicality? If yes, we have put together these 10 minimalistic design furnitures for you!

1. Bontempi Casa /

BARONE Dining Table

The Barone dining table is refined, stable and elegant. Its crossed legs adds an edge to your dining room style. You may customise it in a fixed or extensive version, oval or round according to your preference.

2. Bontempi Casa /

MILLENIUM Dining Table

You may opt for Millenium dining table for a rectangular shaped one that is similarly minimalistic and edgy.

3. Bontempi Casa /

MALIK Chair 

Match your dining table with these comfortable and sturdy chairs made with steel frame covered with padded technical fabric sand, mud, red and anthracite.

4. Harto /

SIMONE Bookcase

Add a Scandinavian touch to your home with this bookcase made up of three trays carried by wooden sticks.  It is inspired by scaffolding made of bamboo, as well as from wooden shacks.

5. Ferm Living /

The Round Dorm

The Round Dorm will fit in any home and will give the wall an elegant, unique and delicate look. Use it for storage for all your favourite little things. It is made of beech and birch plywood, hangs in a leather string and comes with a beech hook.

6. Kartell / 

FL/Y Ceiling Lamp

An essential lamp which is characterised by the “subtle interpretations of the theme". It is made in transparent methacrylate in all the colours of the rainbow. What’s more, the special transparency of the material and the sheen of the colours bring to mind a soap bubble, iridescent with reflections of light.

7. Ferm Living /

TURN Sofa Bed

The strict horizontal lines, along with its slim metal legs in powder coated metal, give this daybed an elegant and light appearance. The Turn daybed has a reversible, dual-coloured top cushion with a double stitching detail. You may choose from several colour ways and four different fabrics to create your own personalized version. Simply change the look of the daybed by opening the two leather belts and turning around the top cushion to suit your mood and personal preference. What a versatile piece it is!

8. Normann Copenhagen /

ERA Rocking Chair Low

This Era rocking armchair is not only beautiful, but allows you to fully relax at home after a hectic day outside.

9. Normann Copenhagen/

ERA Rocking Sofa

Minimalism doesn't necessarily have to be boring. We simply love this Era rocking sofa! I mean, how often do you see a rocking sofa?

10. Harto /

Armchair GEORGES

Last but not least, this is our favourite pick in the list. Isn't this Georges armchair a heartthrob? It has a curved and comfortable seat and is mounted on a structure made of solid oak. Georges is also available in other fun colours like lemon yellow, and also light grey and dark grey.

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