6 Sizzling Decorating Ideas for Summer

Summer is here and this is the season to have fun! Preparations are part of the fun: from planning for a vacation to hitting the gym getting a DIY pedicure to swapping out styles for what’s fresh. Why not have our indoor and outdoor spaces share in the season’s energy? Let these sizzling decorating ideas reflect the playful and relaxed mood of summer. 

1.      Fun Printed Pillows

What easier way of welcoming summer than throwing on some vibrant printed pillows? Place them indoors or outdoors to spice up your spaces. The best part: They can be easily switched out as time passes and trends come and go.

Ferm Living Geometry Pillows

Harto Square Cushion

2.      Decorative Mirrors

Hanging a mirror on your wall can add both depth and intrigue to your space. With these geometric wall mirrors in a variety of shapes, sizes and sparkly colours, get your creative juices flowing by mixing and matching them to form a colourful mosaic of mirrors.  

Normann Copenhagen Lust Mirror

3.      Patterned Storage

Let your cabinet and storage basket share in the summer vibe. They’re sure to liven up the mood everyday, starting your day right. 

Ferm Living Cabinet

Ferm Living Laundry Basket

4.      Splashly Patterned Table Cloth 

With a scrumptious meal cooked, a bottle of wine on the table, what’s missing? A splashly patterned table cloth that reflects your summer mood. You can place them indoors for a cosy gathering or outdoors for a fun picnic time.


5.      Add a Pop of Colour to your Side Table and Lamp

Refresh the looks of your worn-out side table and lamp with a quirky and fun lamp, or better still, a lamp that comes attached to a side table.

Kartell Battery Lamp Transparent


Harto Josette Table Lamp 

6.      Add a Citrus Splash to your Indoor & Outdoor Furniture

Refreshing a design rarely comes without a touch of colour. Infuse some summer delight with the brightness of citrus fruit. Sunny yellow, lime greens and tangy oranges are a few hues that energizes a space.

Bubble Club Sofa / Armchair


Pedrali Nolita Chair

Softline Quadro Pouf


Softline Sitt Beanbag