8 Transparent Furniture that Give your Interior a Clear Advantage

Have you ever wanted a ton of your dream furniture for your home but putting them all together seems to make your space too cluttered? Transparent furniture not only does not take up space visually but helps to balance the proportions of colours and patterns in your spaces. Therein lies the beauty of transparent furniture. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are huge advantages of using clear furniture for your interior design. If you adore clear furniture, these 8 beautiful transparent furniture handpicked by Lifestorey are sure to mesmerize you. 

1.      Modern and Timeless

There are some things, once introduced, never go out of style. No matter how much your tastes may change, invest in one of these timeless pieces and you’re sure to love and appreciate them for years to come. Transparent acrylic’s similarity to glass adds an elegance to the ambience, which makes it a classic and modern piece.

Kartell Kabuki

Kartell FL/Y

2.      Makes a Smaller Room Look Bigger

This is not something new, clear furniture has the ability to make a small room seem large and a large room even more spacious. This is why interior designers often turn to glass and acrylic furnishings in smaller rooms because their transparent structure prevent the interruption of the eye, causing it to perceive a less cluttered space.  

Kartell Ghost Buster

Kartell Invisible Table

3.      Versatile – Blends with any Modern Design Style

One of the greatest benefits of using transparent furniture is that it matches well with any modern interior design style. You don’t have to worry about mismatched woods or pieces. Transparent furniture blends right in with everything surrounding it, and lets its surrounding décor shine through. 

Kartell Charles Ghost Stool

Kartell Stone Stool

4.      Brings Balance to a Space

The bold geometric chevron prints of furniture stand out, especially if it is perfectly balanced by other interesting, classic neutral pieces. Transparent furniture helps to neutralize a space with many visually striking patterns, textures or colours, allowing for other areas in your space to stand out without the interference of bulky pieces of furniture. Clear décor is visually calming, creating a beautifully balanced look, yet still maintaining the intended functionality of the piece.

Kartell Victoria Ghost

Kartell Ero/S/ Swivel Chair