Which Sofa Best Suits Your Personality & Lifestyle?

The sofa you choose for your living room says a lot about your personality and lifestyle. Picking the right sofa for your interior allows you to come back to a personalised space and helps you to re-energize after a long day. Read on to find out which sofa suits you and your home perfectly.

The Movie Lover

Largo Sofa by Kartell

If you love watching movie marathons or movies in general, you would definitely need a spacious sofa where you can sprawl on with your popcorn and cola.

The sofa for you: A 3 seater sofa that is spacious and that allows you to stretch out and lounge comfortably for hours and hours.

The Minimalist

Pop Duo Sofa by Kartell

Less is more. You adore the beauty that simplicity offers. There is no clutter, no unnecessary accessories or décor adorn the space.

The sofa for you: A white sofa with a clean design that Is extremely comfortable, durable and timeless.

The Modern Fashionista

Metro Sofabed by Softline

You keep up to the latest trends and is always looking modern. Since the sofa plays a big part in contributing towards the overall look of your living room, your sofa needs to reflect your trendy vibe.

The sofa for you: A statement making sofa that is up to the current trend, sleek, modern, multifunctional.

The Serious Napper

Mondo Sofabed by Softline

You and I know it. Sleep is the best part about life (after food), isn’t it? You take plenty of naps to revitalise yourself and it is important for a sofa that allows you to do so comfortably.

The sofa for you: A simple and clean sofa that is very functional - can be used as both a sofa and a sofa bed.

The Small-Space Resident

Lazy Sofa Bed by Softline

You have a small and cozy space, which does not allow much room for too many furniture.

The sofa for you: A sofa with an open structure and clean lines that makes your house seems extra spacious, one that serves the purpose as a sofa and a sofa bed, saving on having another bulky piece of furniture.

The Gracious Host

Lounge Sofa by Softline

You love to invite friends and relatives over, your home is always filled with people. When the dinner is over, it’s time to have a hearty chat at the sofa with some wine and poker cards.

The sofa for you: A big lounge sofa that allows multiple guests to lounge at.

The Statement Maker

Uncle Jack by Kartell

The statement makers are confident, bold and adventurous. They own things that make the people around them wonder where they got them from. 

The sofa for you: A unique sofa unlike any other, one that attracts long admiration and invoke questions about its originality.