Top 5 Harto New Arrivals at Appealing Prices

Harto is a young publishing design house based in Paris, creating fantastic and irresistible pieces full of sophistication, purity, fineness and aesthetic vision. Each piece of their collection is simply a pleasure for the eyes.

Read on to discover these 5 new designer pieces that are going at appealing prices at Lifestorey store right now.

1.      HELENE Extendable Table


There’s something spontaneous and relaxed about an indoor “picnic” table. If you love the laid-back feel of dining indoors, bring this vibe home by opting for a dining table with benches.

Don’t you love the cozy vibe of gathering closely around a table for a hearty meal?

If you have a large family or frequently invite guests over, Hélène is absolutely perfect for your homes. Being an extendable table, it is able to sit up to 10 people.



2.      HONORÉ desk

Are you looking for your dream work desk, but they are either not functional or appealing enough?

The Honoré desk designed by Pierre-François is created to be aesthetically appealing with a relaxed vibe, and made to be functional, comfortable and discrete at the same time.

Your laptop and phone charging cables can now be cleared out of sight in a specific box which is only visible when the piece on the top of the desk is pushed, keeping your table neat and tidy.



3.      VICTOR desk

Victor’s small width but large depth allows it to fit everywhere while offering a very comfortable space to work.

With the added bonus of having two large drawers, you can easily keep your desk clutter-free.


4.      GASTON Wall Secretary Desk

The Gaston wall secretary desk, as its last name “secretary” suggests, puts your life in place by providing a convenient storage for all your personal and important items.

This wall desk secretary can be used as a shelf, a console or a secretary desk. Who wouldn’t want to have it all?


5.      EUGENIE sofa table

Last but not least, this is the popular sofa table which is also our personal favourite.

Eugenie has won the hearts of many with its simple yet aesthetically pleasing design, exuding a playful vibe with its mix of shapes and materials: round wood trays and square metal section tubes.