2017 Best Home Décor Trends: Metallic Accents

Undeniably, metallic styles have become one of the greatest trends of interior design. You can see metallic accents in wallpapers, fabrics, furniture, decorative details that are big for gold and brass. Metallic fabrics, molten finishes, shiny treatments, shimmery interiors are all the rage this season.

Playing around with mixed metals and mirrors gives your interior a more futuristic vibe.

Kartell Cindy Table Lamp


Kartell Jelly Metallic Vase


If you’re one who constantly watches out for and keeps up to the latest trend, Kartell’s curated designs are tasteful ways of incorporating some metal into your spaces.

Kartell Easy Lamp


Kartell All Saints Mirror


Metallic interiors make your home shine, and impress everyone who comes to your spaces for a warm gathering. This material enhances the beauty of every division and gives a touch of elegance and glamour to your interior design.

Kartell Bourgie Metallic Lamp


Kartell Abbracciaio


Metallic furniture and accessories are a must-have for homes which are going for the modern and trendy vibe, and can certainly fit perfectly into homes with a vintage style too. This season is the time to get your metallic creative juices flowing.

Kartell Componibili


Kartell Masters Metallic