The Woody Collection by Kartell

Kartell’s technological innovation has sparked a revolution in design with a style that explores the new boundaries of contemporary living.

Today, continuous technology research allows Kartell to use wood in an absolutely innovative way. Philippe Starck presents the Woody Collection, proving that the possibilities for innovation are endless. Thanks to a special patent, the wood is machined with a mould that can extend the limit of curvature of the panel and create the frame of the chair with sinuous curves.

“Woody answers a desire and also a need for wood. This collection is not a fantasy because it is based on the basic human need to be surrounded with signs reminding nature and predicting the future.” says Phillipe Starck. This collection consists of a total of three chairs — namely Kingwood, Queenwood and Princesswood.

Woody Collection

Kingwood Armchair

The Kingwood armchair has a wooden frame with plastic seat and legs. The chair is available is a number of finished, and is completed by the variant with a leather seat. 

Queenwood Armchair

The Queenwood armchair consists of a wooden frame, with a panel extended to its limit of curvature thanks to innovative technology. The armchair is completed with plastic legs. It is perfectly demonstrates the ideal of beauty in simplicity.

Princesswood Chair

The Princesswood armchair is the epitome of timeless elegance combined with contemporary shapes. The unique rosewood processing armchair adds a touch of royalty to any interior. The seat is available in various finishes.