Small Space Solutions: 5 Smart Products to Make the Most of Your Space

When based in a land-scarce city like Singapore, tiny apartment living is commonplace. That said, just because you’re living in a small space doesn’t mean that you can’t go big on style.

With the help of Marilyn Tan, design consultant from Marquis Home Styling,

here are five smart product ideas worth investing in that will help you utilise every inch of space in your cosy home.


1.     Extendable Tables

If you find yourself with a small home but love hosting large gatherings and dinner parties, then extendable tables are the perfect solution. In fact, gone are the days where homeowners have to rely on flimsy, plastic fold-out tables just to save space.


These days, stylish solutions come in the form of dining tables such as the Dublino extendable table from Bontempi Casa Italy. The table comes in a small size of 100 cm in length so it barely takes up any room — a real boon in a small apartment.


However, when needs arise, the table can be extended to a very useful 140 cm length. The table is also available in two other sizes (120cm extendable up to 180cm, and 140cm extendable up to 200cm).


The Dublino comes with a hardy metal frame that is available in six colour options (White, Sand, Dark Brown, Blue, Aluminium and Anthracite) and the table top can be selected in melamine, lacquered wood, anti-scratch glass or the very durable, SuperCeramica (which is scratch and heat proof).


A contemporary table with clean lines, this is a timeless addition to any home.


2.     Stackable Chairs

Hands up if you’ve had guests over and you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having nowhere to sit them.


It’s always prudent to keep some extra chairs around the house. But when space is a factor, what do you do? The answer: stackable chairs.


Some great examples include the Dome Chair from Pedrali and the Più Armchair from Scab. The Dome Chair is a chic, stackable option that easily dresses up any home with its bistro-inspired curved silhouettes and generous shapes, while the very versatile Più Armchair is made out of recyclable technopolymer and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


When you’re done with them, simply stack them up and keep them in the store room for future use.


3.     Dual Function Furniture

When faced with limited space, choose furniture with dual functionalities, advices Ms. Tan.

Think stools that can double up as bedside tables and you get the picture.

One such product is a sofa bed such as the Victor Sofa Bed designed by Lifestorey. A stylish sofa bed that is good for small spaces, it can be easily turned into a bed when you have a visitor around.


4.     Trolleys

Most people probably think of a drink trolley as a novelty piece of furniture but it’s actually a very useful item to have around the house, particularly if you entertain a fair bit.


Marquis Home Styling’s Ms Tan suggests choosing a trolley such as the Kartell Gastone Trolley. Elegant yet practical, the trolley comes in handy when you need extra table space, can be used for serving purposes, and can be easily wheeled around the house.


The best part is, it’s foldable, so when closed it has a depth of just 23 cm, which means it can be easily stowed away and kept out of sight — until the next dinner party, that is.


5.     Modular Shelves

When space is a luxury, it is imperative that you go for products that offer you great flexibility with regards to storage solutions. Choosing shelving that is customisable and modular in nature allows you to add more elements (and thus storage space) as and when you need it.


The One Step Up Bookcase from Normann Copenhagen for instance is a stylish solution creates room and frame for storage. Inspired by the ladder, various One Step Up bookcases can be placed next to each other in order to your design and storage needs. It can also be used as a room divider.


Another suggested choice would be the Bookworm bookshelf by Kartell. The brainchild of renowned artist Ron Arad, this flexible bookshelf has a revolutionary design that allows it to assume any desired shape while retaining its functionality. The result: one of the most versatile bookshelves on the market.