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Pablita is the minimal and unexpected combination of wood, carbon fiber, leather and steel used with the utmost essentiality and structural expression. It is the result of countless prototypes and experiments to create a three-legged chair with a "hanging" and "hanging" leather seat. The single transverse connection element in carbon tube, with its torsional resistance, is calibrated to the point of avoiding typical low beams between the legs and obtaining a light and visually refined chair. The backrest is formed by the "T" extension of the rear leg which
with the inserted steel joint adds an architectural sense to the design. The image and composition of the parts is reminiscent of Picasso sculptures and lines. Hence the name Pablita!

Marcello Pozzi
Dimensions: W51cm x D55cm x H48/75cm Materials: Wood, Carbon Fibre, Leather & Steel

Marcello Pozzi