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Simplicity and dynamism are the key elements for this solution: every piece features backs in different heights, whilst arms and cushions are pleasantly essential. This way, you can interestingly play with shapes and volumes and several composition opportunities are offered to create customized matches and ideal spaces to work, chat or relax. A tailormade creation, undoubtedly precious, where big hand stitched buttons are a clear reference to fashion. Fabrics look like a dress to be worn and taken off, and the possibility of additional cushions enriches this new collection in elegance, comfort and versatility.

Claesson Koivisto Rune
Dimensions Sofa Small: (L) 1450 x (H) 950 x (D) 760 Dimensions Sofa Large: (L) 2250 x (H) 1350 x (D) 960 Dimensions Sofa Medium: (L) 1650 x (H) 1150 x (D) 960 Dimensions Armchair Small: (L) 750 x (H) 850 x (D) 760 Dimensions Armchair Large: (L) 950 x (H) 1050 x (D) 960

Claesson Koivisto Rune