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A folding chair with simple lines and an extremely elegant design, which was until now missing from the Kartell product range. Honeycomb's functional features are fully consonant with its aesthetic qualities. Designed by Alberto Meda, the chair is synonymous with elegance, utmost functionality and infinite attention to constructional details. Its seat and backrest have a structured texture arranged in hexagonal modules, combining striking good looks with practicality and ergonomics. Honeycomb is a folding chair with a steel frame and a transparent plastic backrest and seat. The honeycomb structure of the seat and backrest ensures the sturdiness and lightness required of a folding chair, while its three-dimensional pattern magically reflects the light. Honeycomb is easy to close, lightweight and elegant.

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Alberto Meda
Dimensions: 440 (W) x 70/525 (L) x 825/940 (H) |460 (Seat Height) Materials: Transparent or coloured polycarbonate (Shell) Matte anodised aluminium (Frame): 2


Alberto Meda