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Leon Decor is a glossy or matte lacquered sideboard whose doors are decorated with inserts of canaletto walnut or natural oak. Leon plays with a suggestive optical effect that determines its salient feature: to appear different depending on the point of observation. Frontally the doors are marked by a motif with vertical polychrome stripes, but looking at it from the side, the homogeneity of the lacquer on one side and that of the wood on the other prevails.

Dimensions: W144cm x D49cm x H66cm , W144cm x D49cm x H98cm, W192cm x D49cm x H66cm, W192cm x D49cm x H98cm, W240cm x D49cm x H66cm, W240cm x D49cm x H98cm Materials: Lacquered Particleboard or MDF Designer: StH