Brian Rasmussen

Brian Rasmussen was born at Ringsted, Denmark in 1973. Graduated from Copenhagen’s “Royal Academy of Architecture” in 2000. In his first year of study he won the National competition “PRISOPGAVE KØBENHAVN” (Denmark) with a futuristic design for a subway station. Following his studies he moved to Venice, where he currently resides. In 2002 he won 2nd prize in the national competition “CRISTIANO D. IV’S BRYGHUS” and decided to open a studio of architecture and design in Venice. In 2003 he began the research project: ‘Connections between Roman baroque and Nordic Classicism’ This project has formed the basis for theoretic and formal aspects of Brian’s subsequent work. In 2004 he won the International art competition “TARGETTI LIGHT ART AWARD” which marks the beginning of his career as a lighting designer. In the period from 2004 and 2006 he designed and developed street-lighting for Ringsted, Denmark in collaboration with Louis Poulsen Lighting. Brian Rasmussen currently works with brands like Voltolina, EviStyle, Karboxx, Firme Di Vetro, Studio Italia Design, Casamania, Arkiutti and Carlesso.

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